Charity of the month - May

Men typically look after their physical health; we go to the gym, we try to watch what we eat, we visit our doctor or dentist when something is wrong, or for a general checkup, but we often neglect our mental health.

Men often find it harder to open up about our mental struggles, whether is depression, anger, feelings of being overwhelmed, or feelings of being alone. This struggle can often lead to deeper depression, feelings of isolation, and hopelessness. 

I'll be the first to admit, I've struggled with my mental health, and finding a way to express what I was going through. That's why it's incredibly important to support charities like Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue Logo

According to Beyond Blue, 3 Million Australians are living with depression. They provide info and support to help those in need cope with their mental wellbeing. 

For the month of May, we will be donating $1 from every order to Beyond Blue to support the work that they do.

Remember, if you are struggling right now, you can get immediate support by phone e-mail or through their online community. Reach out, ask for help.