Why did we set up a charity of the Month?

If you've been following Rogue Gentleman since we launched, you may have seen our previous posts about our Charity of the Month.

Unfortunately, a mistake on my part deleted our blog outlining the charities we had previously supported. So before I start all over again, I wanted to give a brief explanation on why we decided to do this: 

There are times in life when we all need a little help, whether it's a kind word, a favour from a friend, or some financial aid to bail us out when we're in a hole. 

As men, we also often find it hard to ask for that help. Perhaps it's our pride that holds us back, but we'll often go it alone, or suffer silently when we don't need to. Which is why we tend to focus on (but not exclusively) those charities which focus on men's issues, particularly when it comes to mental health. 


$1 does not seem like much, but from little things, big things grow. The more we are supported by you, our community, the more we can donate to these causes.