A Word from Mrs Rogue Gentleman

Hello All,

Well here we are 2019 and I must say I am loving seeing all the wonderful men out their taking pride in the appearance of their head and facial hair. There is an old world class and charm to a well-groomed man that drives a woman wild and I have to admit that I am no exception to that rule. Mr. Rogue Gentleman always takes that extra few minutes in the morning and it is well worth it to see him step out from the bathroom ready to take on the day.

When we take the time to look after ourselves we feel better, look better and get the best from those around us, not because they see us differently but because we see ourselves in a better light and therefore are receptive to all that the day has to offer us.

So I have to confess... full disclosure, stripped down bare truth of it... 

As a woman, I absolutely love using the Rogue Gentleman Shampoo! I was a little curious and coming to the end of my very expensive female-centric shampoo ($56 per bottle) I thought I'd give it a go. Instantly loved how it was different to my usual shampoo. It was a light clean natural fragrance and I couldn't believe how nice my hair felt the next day. A few months later and I'm still using it. Styling is easier, shopping is cheaper and the bathroom is even more minimalist, just love it. 

Get yours now and see for yourself with free standard shipping and 30-day return policy why not.